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Numenor - Tales From The Edge Of Time

Numenor - Tales From The Edge Of Time

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The new Numenor album is not jan ordinary album..... "Tales From the Edge of Time" is the title, it's a tribute album dedicated to the Blind Guardians with whom (especially with Hansi Kursh) Numenor have always had a relationship special.

But here are the words of Marko, leader of Numenor, About "Tales From the Edge of Time" :

Few years ago I met with Mark Frostenäs in Belgrade and I started to work with him on Blind Guardian biography book. The whole idea about Blind Guardian tribute album was actually born a year later when we working on biography. Númenor’s cover of Valhalla (from 2016) has already met a great response, within Blind Guardian’s fan base, so I was originally thinking to make one mini album with 4 cover songs from Blind Guardian, but later this idea has turned into something else and we were thinking to make full-length release with 8 to 10 songs. Moreover, we wanted to concentrated on Blind Guardian’s early days and on their first 4 classic records. I always wanted to cover some of their ‘’forgotten songs’’ and to bring them again into life so we decided to include such songs as Fast to Madness. In the very beginning I though that this will be quite easy and that we will record all the songs in just a 3 or 4 months but later it turned out to be much complex and longer work. So it took us almost two years to complete all the songs. Also, more and more guest musicians joined us in our recording’s sessions and they took their roles in order to participate in this Blind Guardian tribute. At the end of the day we ended up working with
 Chris Rörland (Sabaton), Jens Carlsson and Emil Norberg (Persuader, ex-Savage Circus), Christian Eriksson (ex-Twiligh Force), legendary vocalist Charles Rytkonen (Morgana Lefay). Furthermore, we included on this album as a special track remixed and remastered version of Make the Stand feat. Hans Kürsch (Blind Guardian, ex-Demons & Wizards) We also choose a great cover artwork from Yulia Zhuchova. We’ve already worked before with her so it was more then obvious choice since she is also a huge fun of Blind Guardian. I named the album Tales From the Edge of Time since I think that its best reflects the whole atmosphere and lyrical influences. I would like to give a special thanks to Hansi Kürsch and Mark Frostenäs for helping me to finish this very complex project.


  1. Majesty feat. Chris Rörland (Sabaton)
  2. Valhalla feat. Chris Rörland (Sabaton)
  3. Run for the Night feat. Jens Karlsson (Pesuader, ex-Savage Circus)
  4. Welcome to Dying feat. Charles Rytkonen (Morgana Lefay)
  5. Lord of the Rings feat. Christian Eriksson (ex-Twilight Force)
  6. Theatre of Pain feat. Charles Rytkonen (Morgana Lefay)
  7. Lost in the Twilight Hall feat. Emil Norberg (Persuaser, ex-Savage Circus)
  8. Damned for all Time
  9. Fast to Madness
  10. Make the Stand feat. Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian, ex-Demons&Wizards)
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