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Sommo Inquisitore - Aerarius Faber Artifex

Sommo Inquisitore - Aerarius Faber Artifex

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"I wander in this millennium,
seeking meaning in this life
without escape.
No light, no goal,
only the faith of deception.
The ancient texts written by man
create saints one by one
And burn the demons in the fire."

In the year of our Lord 2021, after a long pilgrimage on Earth to discover abominations and infidels, the Supreme Inquisitor sets foot on Italian soil of sovereign metal. A creature entirely bearing the signature of Giuseppe Cialone, who fully embodies the Supreme Inquisitor, already a co-founder and vocalist of the band "Rosae Crucis," with 4 albums and several singles to his name and a significant live performance history.

During the lockdown period, Giuseppe dedicates himself completely to a unique project, linked to his passion for the darkest period of the Old Continent, and strongly inspired by the books of Eymerich the Inquisitor. He is assisted in the project by high-caliber musicians, such as Andrea Mattei, a versatile and virtuoso guitarist who also recorded the entire album in his studio (Trick Studio in Tivoli), Andrea Romanzi on bass (a touring and double bassist in various formations), and Piero Arioni (formerly of Rosae Crucis and Exiled On Earth) on drums.

In 2021, "Anno Mille" was released, an album received positively by critics and met with much curiosity, especially due to the theatrical aspect of the ensemble, with our musicians wearing stage tunics and the Supreme Inquisitor in all his dark form.

In the autumn of 2023, the new album, "Aerarius Faber Artifex," is released, produced like the previous one by Giuseppe Cialone and recorded together with Andrea Mattei in his Trick Studio on Elevate Records.

In the new album, the ensemble is joined by another virtuoso, Giuseppe Marinelli, who has been a guitarist in numerous metal formations, including NEVERDREAM and currently in Exiled On Earth, the solo project of Tiziano Marcozzi, another guitarist from Rosae Crucis.

The new album is an even faster production, with a series of very important choral and orchestral inserts that enhance the dark atmosphere of the Middle Ages even more, without neglecting the power of classic Heavy Metal that completely envelops the album. It ranges from neoclassical passages to powerful power metal bursts, with some significant forays into Folk Metal. The album, titled "Aerarius Faber Artifex," in honor of the historical profession of the Cialone family, which Giuseppe has fully inherited, is described by Roman historical associations as "one of the last great blacksmiths and forgers in Italy" and features a total of 8 tracks, for which a detailed description will be provided soon.
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